Taking better care of yourself today, will impact your
quality of life tomorrow and for the 100 or more years
we hope you will live.

Life Institute

Our proactive ‘360’ assessment

starts with an overview of your health and family history. We assess a wide range of health metrics;
your health biomarkers, DNA biomarkers, metabolism, hormone and immunity levels, energy levels,
physical and mental fitness, and lifestyle habits and routines.
To maximize your healthspan and lifespan,

it is important to make conscious decisions regarding your relationship with the aspects that affect quality of life and longevity; nutrition, sleep, movement, releasing stress, socializing, continued learning, and adopting good health and hygiene practices.

We are your 365 day solution,

complementing the annual holiday ritual or annual resolution of a detox, diet or regeneration program. You now have us as a partner by your side, to help build and maintain a health regime to care for yourself 360 degrees, 365 days of the year.

Your journey

We partner with you on the path to a healthier you...

Our how...

We partner with you on the path to a healthier you. In working with you on your healthcare plan, we use approaches that are;


We focus on preventative health and wellness practices.


We take a holistic approach because answers are not always obvious, we find the root cause and connect the dots.


Each client, each care program is unique, tailored to your conditions, needs and goals.


All members of our medical team are involved in research and continued learning to ensure we offer medically proven and yet innovative care solutions.


We are deeply rooted in approaches in regenerative medicine, which offers leading edge minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures.

Quality of Life approach

Our Quality of Life approach, is the holistic lens through which we assess your health and well-being.


State of Well-Being

Our holistic approach combines modern medical laboratory diagnostics, naturopathic medicine and advanced genetic testing to develop a comprehensive diagnosis.


Applying the most advanced testing methods in food sensitivity testing, our team of Physicians, Dieticians and Chefs team together using diagnostic results to identify an optimal nutrition plan for you, not just identifying foods that provoke sensitivity, but identifying the best foods for you.

Physical Activity

Our rehabilitation and trainer teams work closely with our physicians to adapt a program to suit your health status and ambitions.

Mental Strength

Mental Strength involves proactively taking steps to exercise the mind and develop mental muscle. Our team are well versed in the importance of mental health and mental strength to achieve peak performance.


Through rehabilitation techniques, mindfulness approaches and pharmacological therapies our team will help build in more and higher quality recovery into your lifestyle.


Life Institute offers various forms of regenerative practices , one of the leading approaches offered is Advanced Stem Cell Therapy applied to the field of Orthopaedics.