… helping you feel better mentally, emotionally and physically.

Through the science of movement, we pinpoint an injury using
drug-free, exercise-based remedies to reestablish your
movement, physical strength and functioning.

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Personalized Physiotherapy & Wellness

Our customized, one on one therapy programs are co-designed by a professional team of physiotherapists,
doctors and nurses to ensure the right program is developed for you.
No two injuries or ailments are the same. Each patient, each approach is individual.

Our holistic approach starts with a comprehensive interview to understand you, your condition, lifestyle and expectations.

During a physical assessment we investigate the area(s) of discomfort, to uncover the cause of the structural or biomechanical dysfunction.

We confer with our in-house physicians or where relevant your personal physician to understand their diagnosis and proposed treatment.

We devise a tailored program using a variety of techniques and tools to assist you in getting back to your optimal level of daily function.

We get to work! Executing a comprehensive plan of in-house therapy sessions. and at-home tools and approaches to further accelerate your recovery.

Core to the signature approach of Dariusz Straszewski and Marcin Plenzler for safe and fast recovery,
is a full partnership with our expert team of orthopaedic surgeons under the direction
of Robert Smigielski MD, PhD, and a mutual understanding and commitment with you
for a comprehensive therapy plan.
Dariusz Straszewski

Over 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist, health coach, instructor and lecturer. A highly certified ‘guru’ within the industry in treating back pain dysfunctions, having authored his own methods of treatment.

His portfolio includes; postoperative rehabilitation, conservative treatments, manual therapy, regenerative treatments, comprehensive pain therapy and injury prevention.

Specializing in the elimination of tension and pain syndromes of the musculoskeletal system. A therapist to elite athletes, supporting them in their bids for Olympic golds and World Championship titles.

Marcin Plenzler

A leading physiotherapist in the understanding the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body, with focus on uncovering the causes of overloads or injuries. This understanding of human motion shapes his holistic rehabilitation approach.

Specializing in comprehensive approaches in conversative and postoperative physiotherapy treatments, with focus on orthopaedics, specifically the knee, shoulder, ankle and spine. His own passion for sport, positions him well to build strong relationships and results with the elite athletes he guides, getting them to peak medal winning performance.

Signature therapies and techniques

pioneered over years of experience working on thousands of patient cases:

Individualized Holistic Rehabilitation Programs

We combine decades of experience, a world class rehabilitation team, and signature therapeutic programs to deliver a tailored program to meet your condition, needs and goals. This personalized, adaptive approach delivered through a team of experts is unique and effective.

This is why the most demanding of patients, including high performance elite athletes work with us.

Your individualized program will consist of a mix of the following therapies and trainings;
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

A therapeutic approach to recovery, with the purpose to correct musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage) limitations and alleviate pain, helping regain function in your body as quickly and effectively as possible post trauma, illness, or surgery.

Scar Care

Our team of physicians have their signature approach to suturing and closing the surgical opening. Post-surgery, our manual therapy and treatment techniques maximize blood flow and increase the flow of skin-rejuvenating oxygen and nutrients, minimizing the size of the surgical scar.

Regenerative, Anti-stress Therapy

The combination of techniques help, reduce stress, prevent and decrease headaches (including migraines), improve blood circulation, manage blood pressure, manage arthritis and increase overall your physical condition.

Included in our approach is the use of Somatic experiencing and aromatherapy.

Comprehensive Manual Therapy

Manual therapy uses skilled, specific hands-on techniques to treat injuries, improve range of motion, reduce swelling, decrease pain, and improve overall function.

Fascia Therapy and Training

Fascial Manipulation (FM) release treatment uses targeted massage and application of pressure across large areas to ease twisted fasciae or fascial adhesions and thus release tension and restore motion.

Pain Management

We start by helping you understand the cause of your pain, whether acute or chronic in your joints, muscles and soft tissues, in doing so, we help you manage and overcome it in your daily activities.

Injury and illness prevention

Preventive health is underexposed and underrated. Our injury prevention approach blends fitness testing, exercise, conditioning and stretching routines, and regenerative techniques in combination with nutritional programs to optimize your physical well-being.

Women’s Health Therapy

We assess and treat aches and pains, strengthen your pelvic floor, address problems with bowel and bladder leakage, strengthen abdominal muscles, help with birth preparations and provide recovery support during the postnatal period.

Medical Fitness Training

Working in collaboration with our medical team, we work with you, transitioning you from a medical management and/or physical therapy program to a regular physical activity program. Designing an enhanced exercise program to regain your strength, endurance, and functional movement during and following rehabilitation for diseases, disorders, surgeries and ailments.

Lifestyle Detox

You’ve heard of a nutritional detox, but how about a lifestyle detox? We focus on identifying the unhealthy habits in your daily routines that when corrected, unleash more energy, as well reduce pain and discomfort that we often do not associate with these daily habits: how you breath, sleep, sit, walk, talk, drive, ride …

Breathing Therapy

Researches suggests that almost 90% of people use only 30% of their total breathing capacity. Breathing therapy involves using breathing exercises to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Benefits include cleansing toxins, managing negative emotions, reducing stress, improve digestive system, balance your heart rhythm and reduce headaches.

Home Office Audit & Coaching

The COVID – 19 pandemic has changed our lives forever, creating a new normal which we need to adapt to. For many this means our work environment has moved to a home office.

We work with you to ergonomically maximize your office environment and shape your routines to offset the strain of working in front of a screen all day with little movement. We identify the appropriate tools and practices to ensure comfort and effectiveness while reducing the risks of backpain, headaches, eye strain, neck strain, and muscle cramping.

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