Team Life...

Our multi-disciplinary team are masters in their fields,
covering a broad range of medical and lifestyle disciplines.

Team Life consists of Professors, PhD’s, Physicians, Lifestyle experts, Nurses, Medical Assistants and expert Service & Experience providers, each at the top of their professions, but non satisfied with the status quo.
Medicine is complex and ever-evolving.
Our hunger and passion to deliver a holistic approach to health and well-being is what unites and fuels us, brought together by a common set of values and a commitment to lifelong learning.

We live by our values.

We are care obsessed; in the quality we offer, the services we provide and in the way we execute.

Teamwork is the only way. We understand that we are stronger as a team.

We get a charge when we learn, it is what fuels us.

Our innovative mindset ensures we maximize the relevance of the care and services we provide.

Integrity is at the core of providing an engaging and safe environment for us all.

When we get these right, we earn the trust of our patients which is our highest priority,
we make a difference in people’s lives, we grow individually, and achieve as a team.
It feels great.
Medical Masters
Orthopaedic Masters
Leveraging extensive partnerships, Life Institute has access to leading physicians across all other medical disciplines who consult and advise our medical team.
Visiting Consultants
Therapy Masters
Nutritional Masters
Medical Support
Experience and Care Masters
Academic/Scientific Circle

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